I'm Jo and I am the founder and colour splasher extradionaire behind Meraki Studio NZ.  Born and bred in West Auckland, New Zealand until December 2015 when we packed up the family and moved to rural Whangarei on 1 1/4 acres of paradise.

I first started knitting in 2008 when I became a mum to my eldest daughter.   She was a sleeper and I was bored.   Many YouTube vids and a few swear words thrown in I cast off my first hat.  Wasn't long before my creative streak took over and I started to investigate dyeing my own yarn.   In September 2008 my first handpainted skein was created and there was no turning back.

In April 2012 I launched my Indie Dyeing business and haven't looked back.   I need to create colour, it's a part of me, it's who I am.

Inspiration for Meraki colourways comes from many sources and expect the unexpected.   I can not help but try new techniques and work on existing ones to see where the dye pot leads me.