Dyeing Styles

I like to experiement and play around with my dyeing.    My styles and colours will vary as time goes on, I like to push the boundaries with my dyeing and love learning and experiementing with colour and techniques.

Currently I dye yarn in the following styles:  (please note that there should be some sample photos but they have crashed so I need to locate them again and reload)


Kettle Dyed

This is where a skein of yarn is dyed in one pot with 2 or more colours added.     There will be no set way in how the yarn knits up.    This yarn will not pool and is beautiful when knitted up.



All my variegated yarns are dip dyed.  These yarns will have a combination of different colours ranging from 3, 5, 7, or 8 different colours  Each section is dyed individually.   If there are only 3 colours I will break the skein into 6 sections and repeat each colour twice to give shorter repeats.   All other combinations are dyed with each colour repeated once around the skein.



I've had a love for gradients for years, dyed my first over 2 years ago but ended up in a big tangle.   I now have better equipment and better knowledge on how to dye them now.   A gradient is where the yarn is dyed so that when it is knitted there is a slight colour change as you knit.    I love them and will be making sure I have at least 2 - 3 available with each stocking.


Semi Solids

Semi Solids are simply one colour only.  There will be a slight variation in the colour so there will be varying shades of the one colour.   Great for all knits.


Grunge Dyed

This style of dyeing is my all time favourite.  Expect spots, streaks, random colours in between.  I use dye powder for this so sometimes there will be random colours from the powders that are used to make up the colours.     I just let my creative streak take over so no two dye lots will be the same.  



















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