What's happening for 2016?

I can't tell you how excited I am about the future of Meraki Studio.  There are lots of things happening behind the scenes.  Aaron and I have come up with a few plans for 2016.   This is what I can share with you so far.

Calendula Club

The Calendula Club will run again in 2016.   Here is how it works:

There will be three rounds again starting in February.   Each round will run over a three month period but you will be able to pick and choose what month/s and bases you would like.   The theme for next year is 'Natural Phenomena' which I am incredibly excited about.   

Sign Ups will be in December for the first round and payment installments will be available as per normal.    First shipment will be due to leave the 20th Feb 2016. 

The club will run over the following months:    Round One - February/March/April    
                                                            Round Two - May/June/July
                                                            Round Three - September/October/November

Bases and pricing to be confirmed by December 2015

Monthly Colours

Each month starting in February 2016 I will be dyeing a new colourway.  This will be a kettle dyed Meraki special and I will be using a Mood Board which is a common tool for designers to work from.

The mood boards will look something like this and will be created using my special kettle dyeing technique.

Semi Solids

I will be keeping a range of Semi Solid's in stock on my website.   Each season there will be a new selection of colours which will be available for a limited time.
A few colours like my silvers and greys will be constantly stocked up.    The bases for these will be mostly NZ milled but I will still take custom orders for these on the more luxury bases from time to time.

My Website

Since we are moving to Northland one of the first jobs for Aaron and myself will be to get my website up and running again.    I will be stocking mostly handmade items except for buttons of course.    Be prepared for a mass of new buttons getting loaded onto the website.   Meraki will be your one stop shop for buttons.

That's it for now, I hope you are just as excited as I am for 2016

Happy crafting



Posted: Monday 28 September 2015