Up, Up and Away!


This year is finally underway now that my new studio is all set up and running.   It's been a rather hard road getting here both emotinally and physically but we are up and running I can not tell you how excited I am to be able to produce more Meraki yarn without losing the love and care I put into my dyeing.

Calendula Club

I absolutely love the first round of the Calendula Club which most of you would have received by now.    Month 2 is all ready for dyeing and this will be underway after this weekend.

Sign ups for round two will be happening next week and I'm super excited about these colours.   I can see a few will end up in my stash Wink

You can find more information on Round 2 here

New Grunge Club

This is a new club I will be introducing with the first lot due to go out next month.   This will be a regular monthly club where I will use photo's of my favourite things as inspiration.  You will be able to sign up whenever you feel the need.   There will be listings available each month for the bases I have available.   This is a quick fire club so you will need to pay when you order and I will dye and send the following month.  First lot of sign ups will be next Wednesday.  You can find more information here
Quick and simple!

Regular Stocking of the Website

The first stocking of the year went off with a bang and I'm so super happy about that, thanks so much for all your continued support.  I plan on stocking up the website on a fortnightly basis and just keep adding to anything that is in stock so that you can purchase when you feel the need or as you match a the perfect pattern to any of the available yarn.

Thank you again for all the support I received about this yarn, it warmed my soul with all the wonderful comments I received.   

My next stocking will be full of some of the most popular colourways from the past few years so keep a watch out for updates on that.

Posted: Thursday 7 April 2016