What Shampoo Bar and Conditioner Will Work Best For Me?

I will be honest and tell you there is no hard and fast rules as to what will work for  you.  Every single one of us have different scalps, produce different amounts of oils, different hair types, etc etc etc.   This breakdown will hopefully guide you to the right bar/bars for you but please if you have any questions please do not hesitate to flick us an email via here for FB.

Shampoo Bars

Herbal Infused

Lady Lavender - most suited to dry to normal hair.   Some will find this is enough for them while other's may need to follow with a conditioner as well.

Forest - most suited for normal to oily hair.    Some may still need to use a conditioner bar and in most cases will only need to use it from the ear line down.

Sunkissed - most suited dry, normal or oily hair.  Awesome for those with fair hair but can be used for any hair colour.   Some may still need to use a conditioner bar and in most cases will only need to use it from the ear line down.

Armour - most suited to dry, normal or oily hair.   Designed for irritated scalps but also doubles as a preventation for unwanted visitors ;)


All these bars have the same base recipe. The only difference is the fragrance oil used and the colour of the bar.
These bars are most suited to dry, normal and possibly oily hair.   I have customers of all hair types successfully using these bars.  Some will need a conditioner bar while other's don't.

Samples are available for all shampoo's and conditioners

For me personally I can use most bars but in summer when I tend to have a more sweating head I use either Forest or Armour and only condition from the ear line down maybe once a week.

Conditioner Bars

Herbal Infused

All of the Herbal Infused conditioner bars are made using the same base ingredients.  The only difference is the herbs used and essential oils added.   

Lots of people don't need to use the conditioner bars so there are sample sized options available for you to try.    These are available as singles or as a set.

If you have oily hair, I recommend only conditioning from the ear line down (this may apply to other's too).   For me personally I only condition every few washes and my children condition more over summer when they are swimming a lot of if they have extremely knotty hair. 

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