Ditch the bottle and say no to bottled shampoo and conditioner and replace with these specially formulated bars to cleanse and help your hair look it's best.

Herbal Infused Bars - all these bars contain herbal infused oils as well as essential oils (apart from the Naked 
Bars, these are unscented) to help with certain hair and scalp types.   If you would like to chat about making up a personalised bar pleased don't hesitate to contact us.

Wildling Shampoo Bars - all these bars are scented with fragrance oils.   The formula for the actual bars is the same for all varieties, the only difference is the colour and scent.

Not sure what bar to get?   Here is a brief list of what hair types the bars are best suited.  

These bar come in two sizes.   25gm Sample Size (although this will last for quite some time), or 65gm regular size.