Who are we?

Here at Meraki Studio we love creating products made from herbal infusions that are good for your skin and soul.

We have used natural products for a number of years (let’s not give away just how many years but it’s over 20 ;) ) and starting making them when our eldest was born 11 years ago. We held off soap making for a few years but finally gave it ago in 2016 and then the addiction started. Friends and family were gifted soap and kept coming back for more.

This lead to a complete overhaul at Meraki Studio from wool dyeing to sharing the beautiful body and bath products which are made in small batches on site that help you and your skin feel alive, refreshed and of course amazing.

Our body soaps are 100% natural but please be aware not all our products are. We have done a lot of research though and use the mildest and best ingredients we can source and still use herbal infusions in the majority of our products.