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  • SOAP
    All soap bars in this category are made using the cold process method. Cold process soap is made by combining oils and sodium hydroxide lye. That causes a reaction called saponification. All soap needs to go through this process then cured for 4 - 6 weeks before it is ready to use. The final product has no trace of sodium hydroxide.
  • Hair
    Say no to bottled shampoo and conditioner and replace with these specially formulated bars to cleanse and help your hair look it's best.
  • Solid Lotion Bars, Balms, Sugar Scrubs and Bath Salts Products coming soon.....
  • These products are either ends of lines, discontinued or seconds.
  • All of the products in this category are on pre-order and will be sent the first week of December 2019. Orders will be open until the end of October then will be closed for the year. Orders with soap etc need to be cured so I am giving myself enough time to get them made and cured reading for sending. Each gift will come with a handmade gift tag, if you would like a personalised note written on it and your gift sent to the recipient please make sure this is typed up in the notes section.