Stoneware Soap Dish 11

Stoneware Soap Dish 11
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These soap dishes are the perfect size to pair with any Meraki Soap Bar.   

Stoneware clay is less porus, harder and more durable than Earthernware (Earthernware is what is most commonly found in general shops) but I do recommend to handwash to avoid any knocks etc in the dishwasher.

Approx Size = 10.5 cm L x 9.5cm W x 1cm H (no feet)

How is Meraki Studio Pottery made?
All Meraki Studio Pottery is made by hand.   All projects start off as a hand rolled slab or pinch pot.   They are then joined, shaped, decorated etc before leaving to dry out.  Once dry they are bisque fired then have glaze, underglaze etc hand painted on and fired again.   While it is very time consuming making this way, I find it incredibly rewarding and absolutely love this process even though it can take a few days from start to finish for each item.  Because of the nature of making by hand each piece is a little rustic but not in a bad way.   You won't see perfectly round cups/vases etc, there will be the odd mark from when I have hand shaped them etc.   For me this is the beauty of handmade.  They really are a labour of love ♥

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